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Layaway Available - See Terms Below - Fill out the form to contact us today!

Interested in Layaway?

Layaway terms:

  • There is no service charge for layaway.

  • A cancellation fee of $50.00 will be assessed if canceled.

  • We will refund all monies minus the cancellation fee prior to reaching 50% payoff.

  • We will begin the building process after 50% of the layaway is paid.

  • Refunds are not given once the building process has begun.

  • An invoice will be emailed to you with your payment dates and terms, once agreed upon you will have 7 days to initiate 1st payment on the website

  • All payments thereafter will be automatically withdrawn using the same payment method.

  • Payment frequency and amounts must be decided before the invoice is sent.


  1. WEEKLY – 12 EQUAL PAYMENTS – (50% after the 6th payment is made)

  2. BI-WEEKLY – 6 EQUAL PAYMENTS – (50% after the 3rd payment is made)

MONTHLY – 3 EQUAL PAYMENTS – (50% after the 2nd payment is made)

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